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Gorakhpur Handicraft Producer Company Limited brings to you magnificent terracotta pottery from the artisans of Gorakhpur district. Established in the year 2020, our organisation presents varying ranges of products rooted in Indianness and aims at the holistic development of terracotta artisans.

Since its inception, we have been successful in providing a purposeful lifestyle to skilled craftsmen.

As terracotta pottery runs in the ancestry of our artisans, the vocalization of skills that our organization offers has contributed to the doorway of different markets with a greater sense of ownership. Our workshops and other programmes help men and women, youngsters and children of rural areas to gain exposure and enable them to interact with people from various backgrounds. While providing easy access to different kinds of resources that the artisans may need to hone their skills, we are making efforts to support the cluster by creating a market linkup among artisans, exporters, contractors, manufacturers and trainers etc as several diligent hands are working meticulously to unveil this unique style of handicraft before the world.

The Holistic Development of the Artisans
Gorakhpur Handicraft Producer Company aims at the holistic development of terracotta artisans. It has been successful in providing a purposeful lifestyle to skilled craftsmen since its inception.

About handicrafts (Terracotta)

The production of useful and decorative material items using traditional themes constitutes an important part of our cultural heritage.

These products are skillfully crafted to not only enhance the beauty of places you call home but also to add utility to our everyday lives. The generational skill of the artisans has kept this artistry alive.

Information, Social impact and Data

The Gorakhpur Handicraft Producer Company Ltd. includes around 5,000 families, 18,000 members and 4 generations with 52% male and 48% female population. Our artisans and extended teams reap the following benefits from the Company.

Socio – Economic Conditions

1) Greater life satisfaction
2) Lesser risk of loss/ debt
3) Awareness of education
4) vocationalisation of hobby
5) Generational roots aiding a greater sense of ownership

Working Conditions

1) Good proximity to other institutions
2) Availability and accessibility of resources like training, workshops, exhibitions etc
We try our bit in providing the best of facilities and support to the hardworking artisans as together we move towards a brighter future of ourselves and our society.

Our Team

Dr. Saiyed Jamal Ahmad

Sunil Kumar Sahni

Bechal Lal

Fulchand Prajapati

Jay Prakash

Sohan Lal Prajapati

Rohit Prajapati

Kusum Prajapati

Mahajan Lal

Ram Murat Prajapati

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Our customers speak for us

“Highly appreciative work GHP! Worth recommending for terracotta products!”


“Gorakhpur Handicraft Producer Company have not only taken care of these items, but they have also uplifted the artisans for whom we do not wish to speak about. They are doing a great service to them and to our age old culture and tradition. Amazing work.”

Meenu Verma

“These pictures made me nostalgic!!! Used to see these horses and flower vases in my childhood at my hometown. Thank you GHP for promoting these items!!!”

Ajay Sharma

“Really beautiful items. The hard work and efforts put into making them is visible! Kudos!”

Rahul Kumar

“Gorakhpur Handicrafts Producer Company is doing a commendable job by helping the artisans reach their products in the market. Hats off!”

Kajal Pandit